End of Year Giving

Received as of December 28 = $34,945.42

Loving our neighbors is critically important during these trying times. Now is not the time to withdraw, retreat, or lose hope. We were chosen for this time in history to make a difference…to be salt and light. Together, we will make a difference by revealing God’s love to those around us through the power of radio.

“I just wanted to express how important Shine FM is to me. I have been sober for almost a year. I take it one day at a time as I handle depression and PTSD. The station has been a lifeline for me. The words in the songs are everything I wish I could express to God for how thankful I am that He is in my life. My mother recently passed and Shine FM has given me the encouragement I need to stay on a Godly path. Thank you and may God bless you all.” – Jane

Our December financial goal is $40,000. Reaching this goal will transform more lives, improve Shine FM, and keep us moving forward into 2021. Please prayerfully consider making your best year-end gift to our station.  Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated to help us reflect, share, and encourage.

Make check payable to:
Shine FM
PO Box 96
Bellefontaine OH 43311

CLICK HERE to make your year-end gift to Shine FM using a debit or credit card