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July 06
Q: Americans are eating 4.2 billion of these in a year.
A: Avocados

July 07
Q: Less than 1/4 of American adults meet U.S. guidelines for this___.
A: Physical activity

July 08
Q: The average American eats 13-15 lbs of this per year.
A: Ice Cream

July 9
Q: Favorite TV Mom
A: Carol Brady

July 12
Q: According to a recent survey, this is our favorite chore….
A: Laundry

July 13
Q: Only 2% of these are made in America
A: Shoes

Q: 43% of Americans say this is an unwritten rule in their houses, esp in the living room & dining room
A: Assigned seating

July 15
Q: A survey of married women show that when they are stressed, this smell helps alleviate stress.
A: Husbands shirt

July 16
Q: 30% of women would like to change this about their husbands.
A: Table manners

July 19
Q: Name all the headliners of RTL in order.
A: Colton, Crowder, BDW, Mandisa, Matthew West, TAN, Zach W

July 20
Q: As a man gets older, he will more likely to wear one of these.
A: Sweater

July 21
Q: 25% of people say this is a fear they deal with every day?
A: Losing battery on their phone

July 22
Q: When it come to dieting, pizza was the #1 thing that caused people to blow their diet; what is #2?
A: Chinese Food

July 23
Q:80% of women own at least one of these and they typically keep it for 11 years.
A: Little black dress

July 26
Q: 1/2 a million Americans do not have this common item in their home.
A: A toilet

July 27
Q: 85% of all swimsuits have this in common.
A: they never get wet.

July 28
Q: #1 thing to put you in a bad mood in the morning.
A: Spilling food or drinks on clothes

July 29
Q: People who sleep on the left side of the bed are 8% more likely to what?
A: Like their job

July 30
Q: 23% of people admit faking this to avoid something.
A: Being on phone.

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