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October 12
Q:  2/3 of us admit eating this, even though it could be dangerous
A:  cookie dough

October 13
Q:  Woman claim that men say they are going to do THIS, but they don’t always follow through
A:  Call them

October 14
Q:  1/3 of us have had someone at work steal this…
A:  Our idea

October 15
Q:  One of the scariest words in the English language, especially in the first few months of the year.
A:  Audit

October 19
Q:  25 years ago this was not a popular clothing item for women, but now it is!
A:  Hoodie

October 20
Q:  15% of U.S. women will do this to treat themselves
A:  buy themselves flowers

October 23
Q:  Each American goes through around 70 quarts of THIS each year…
A:  popcorn

October 26
Q:  THIS is the only animal that can’t jump…
A:  Elephant