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Jan 5
Q:  14% of admit we have stopped using THIS during the pandemic…
A:  Deoderant

Jan 6
Q:  In Europe in the 1700s, this was considered a status symbol and you could rent one for your party for $8000.
A:  Pineapple

Jan 7
Q:  10% of parents still do this for their teen in the evening.
A:  Bedtime story

Jan 8
Q:  This website’s original name was “Back Rub”.
A:  Google

Jan 9
Q:  5-10% of people have never had to experience one of these…
A:  headaches

Jan 13
Q:  47% of single adults under 30 say they won’t date someone who doesn’t do this…
A:  Recycle

Jan 14
Q:  11% of Americans have never done this…
A:  Traveled outside their home state

Jan 15
Q:  Working at one of these only burns an extra 64 calories per workday
A:  standing desk

Jan 19
Q:  The hygienic product was sold in jars when it first came out in 1873…
A:  toothpaste

Jan 20
Q:  40% of us have this uplifting experience on our bucket list
A:  Hot air balloon ride

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Support Center
Email: general@richwoodbank.com
Phone: (740) 943-2317
Toll Free: (888) 943-2317


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