Moving The Shine FM Offices!

God has Shine FM on the move!  On September 13, we purchased the building at 325 N Hayes Street in Bellefontaine.  This is the former dentist office of Dr. James Maxwell located next to Dairy Queen.  Now, we will begin transforming the building from a dentist office to a radio station.  In the meantime, our temporary office is located at BUILD on West Columbus in downtown Bellefontaine.


Why did you decide to move?
The building we were renting on County Road 11 sold recently.  We saw this as an opportunity to look for a building that we could own and not rent.  God not only provided us with a building we could purchase, but one with additional space that could be our forever home.  We are excited that God has blessed us with this opportunity.

Why did you move to a temporary location?
We were in a month-to-month lease under the previous owner of the building on County Road 11.  The new owner offered us a one-year lease.  Since we were pursuing the purchase of the building on Hayes, we did not sign a new lease, and as a result, had to move within 30 days (by September 4).  We needed to find a temporary location, and were blessed again as God provided an opportunity to partner with BUILD.   For broadcasting, it is important for us to have high quality internet service.  BUILD offers just that through Aunalytics (formerly NetGain).  A BIG thanks to the Small Nation team for providing us a home while we transition.

Is there a financial benefit?
Yes.  As a non-profit, we want to be good stewards of the resources God provides. By purchasing a building, we will have ownership, an asset, and be able to build equity for our ministry.  The mortgage payments are an investment in our future, and are similar to our former rent payment.  Additionally, our rent would have increased if we had stayed at County Road 11.  Once again, God provided a blessing with this monthly savings.

Our future home!   325 North Hayes St.