Shine FM is pleased to bring you this new program as a resource to help you raise your teens.  Listen every Tuesday at 9 am.

About the Program:

Some think that teens are rebellious, but we know otherwise. Teens are lost.

They’re lost in a culture consumed with value determined by appearance and performance that appeals to a teen’s longing to be connected with others. So lost that 85% of teens will leave the church upon graduation from high school. And so lost that many teens end up in a place they never thought, and hardly know how to find their way home.

And parents are equally lost, and sometimes just as confused, realizing that the tools in their parenting toolbox have become antiquated and ineffective. They don’t know how to counter the influence today’s teen culture is having on their child. Confusion enters and hope for a better future evaporates as parents see their teens choosing mindsets, behaviors, and beliefs outside their traditional values.

Heartlight Ministries offers help and direction for parents of all teens through the Parenting Today’s Teens radio program, as well as books, parenting resources, and seminars and conferences….all dedicated to offering effective and practical ways for parents to counter the influence today’s culture is having on their child.

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