Special Easter Programming

The Resurrected Body of Christ: An Easter Special with Carter Conlon.

In this special, Carter Conlon of Times Square Church suggests that in these tumultuous days the Lord is saying to us, “You are my church and you have been divided too long and I am calling you to the place where you start to recognize and appreciate one another and start to understand that none of us can do this alone. We need each other.”

Carter makes a clarion call for unity among the Body of Christ. Though we’re all very different from each other, we’re all empowered by the same Spirit. If we remain divided we are not going to have the power to stand against the darkness of these times. We must pray!

Shine FM will be broadcasting this program at 8 pm on both Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

About Carter Conlon:

Carter Conlon is the pastor of Times Square Church in Manhattan, an Interdenominational Church with over 10,000 people in attendance, representing over 1,000 different nationalities.

In 1994, Carter Conlon was invited by David Wilkerson (author of the best-selling book The Cross and the Switchblade) to help pastor Times Square Church. He became the senior pastor in 2001.

From the very beginning, Conlon’s heart has always demonstrated a passion for prayer. On one occasion God prompted Conlon to call together the churches of New York City to congregate for one hour of prayer on the streets of Manhattan.

“God, would you help us learn what it means to be part of the Resurrected Body of Christ?”
                                                                        — Carter Conlon